Wednesday, 23 November 2011

New Guests Announced for Chevron 7.8 Stargate Convention!

Chevron 7.8, a UK Stargate convention has announced two new guests. They are Patrick Gilmore and Garry Chalk.

Patrick is best known for his role as Dr. Dale Volker in Stargate Universe, but he has also appeared in smaller roles in both SG1 and Atlantis.

Garry is best known to Stargate fans as the Russian Colonel Chekov in SG1.

They are scheduled to appear alongside previously announced guests, Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne.

For more information visit the Chevron 7.8 Official Site!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Hear Amanda Tapping & Cast of Sanctuary Sing in Latest Promo Clip!!

Hear Amanda Tapping (Stargate's Samantha Carter)and the cast of Sanctuary sing in this week's episode of Sanctuary!!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

New Stargate Atlantis Novel - Allegiance (Book 3 in the Legacy Series)

Fandemonium Books have released the latest book in the Stargate Atlantis Legacy Series, Book 3 is titled 'Allegiance'.

The Legacy series continues the story on from the season 5 finale of Stargate Atlantis.

Available to order as a hard copy or ebook - see the Fandemonium site.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Stargate Atlantis' Paul McGillion screening 'Captain Starship' at Creation Con in LA this weekend!

The pilot for the potential Captian Starship series, starring Stargate Atlantis' Paul McGillion (Dr. Carson Beckett) will be shown during the final Los Angeles edition of the Creation Entertainment Official Stargate Convention, being held at the Marriott Los Angeles Airport this weekend (18th - 20th November). In addition to McGillion, members of the cast and production team will field a Q&A panel about the project after its screening.

Along with Paul McGillion the pilot episode features Erin Karpluk (Being Erica, Christmas Lodge) and a few actors that Stargate fans may recognise.  Michael Northey (Inago in SG1 episode 'The Ties That Bind')
Ellie Harvie (Atlantis‘ Daedalus Tech Dr. Novak)
Michael Shanks (SG1's Daniel Jackson) makes a guest apperance
Quinn Lord, who plays McGillion’s nephew, had a bit role in SG-1‘s Season Ten episode 'The Quest, Part 1'.

Ivon Bartok, Stargate SG1/SGA/SGU DVD featurette producer, is also one of the series’ producers along with Michael Northey, Paul McGillion and Jesse James Miller.

Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie were credited in many Stargate SG1, Atlantis and Universe episodes.  But, Now they are the force behind the storytelling for a new science-fiction universe for Dark Horse Comics, Dark Matter!

Dark Matter
A derelict ship floating in space. Its troubled crew awakened from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got onboard. Their search for answers triggering the vessel’s deadly security system, awakening a relentless android bent on their destruction. Facing threats at every turn, they will have to work together to survive a dangerous voyage charged with vengeance, redemption, betrayals, and, ultimately, hidden secrets best left unknown.
Science fiction by science-fiction veterans is sci-fi action at its best.

Dark Matter #1, the first in a four-issue miniseries.
 Artwork by exciting newcomer Garry Brown.
On sale 11th JAN, 2012

NEW Limited Edition Miniature Goa'uld Staff Weapon - Stargate SG1

Legends Memorabilia have a new item in the auction listings and i'm sure many Stargate fans would love this in their Christmas stocking!!

Limited Edition 2-Piece Miniature Staff Weapon - Only 500 have been made.

Cast directly from one of the original Jaffa Staff Weapons used on the production set of Stargate SG-1. The scaled size of this piece is 1/5 of the full size version which has been produced in two sections and when assembled, measures an impressive 16" in length.

To accompany this spectacular collectible they have included a custom designed metal stand finished in metallic oil rubbed, bronze paint and a glossy black/gold engraved name plate.

To bid/buy this item see the Official Legends Memorabilia site!
They also have other unique Stargate items available.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Stargate Atlantis Star David Hewlett's Syfy Movie Rage of the Yeti

Stargate Atlantis star David Hewlett aka Dr. Rodney McKay acts as both co-star and director of this UFO Films creature feature from Zombie Apocalypse writers Brooks Peck and Craig Engler about a team of treasure hunters led by Yancy Butler (Lake Placid 3) and David Chokachi (Baywatch) that get more than they bargained for in the form of Yetis that looks like monstrous horned sloths with really big teeth.
Rage of the Yeti premieres Saturday night at 9/8 Central in the USA on SyFy.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Stargate Universe Star Robert Carlyle Finding Success as Rumplestiltskin

Robert Carlyle who played Dr. Nicholas Rush in Stargate Universe is finding success as the sinister Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin) in US network ABC's new fantasy series Once Upon a Time. ABC has picked it up for a full season of 22 episodes after the first two episodes picked up these impressive viewer number:

Week One: 12.6 million viewer
Week Two: 11.7 million

The show tells the story of Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), who is told by the boy she gave up for adoption that she is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, prophesied to save the residents of Storybrooke, Maine from the Evil Queen’s curse. Everyone in the town is, in truth, a classic fairy tale character cursed to live in our world, with no memory of who they really are … and no more “happy endings.

Once Upon A Time is currently showing on Sunday nights at 8/7c on ABC.
Hopefully the rest of the world will get to see this series soon!

Also, Stargate SG1's Master Bra'tac (Tony Amendola) makes an appearance and the work of Stargate Stunt Co-Ordinator James 'Bam Bam' Bamford has also been credited on the show.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

News on Stargate SG1 Audio Book Trilogies - Michael Shanks

Big Finish Stargate SG-1 Producer Paul Spragg has confirmed that the next six audio books will be released as two trilogies in 2012.

The current titles are:
  1. Half-Life
  2. An Eye for an Eye
  3. Infiltration
  4. Excision
  5. Duplicity
  6. The sixth title may still change.

From Paul Spragg, Big Finish:

"I don't really want to give any hints about plots just yet, only that the first trilogy features Ba'al and all he brings with him, and the second trilogy is about the Asgard. And hopefully we'll be putting out some pre-orders soon. At the moment they're at the sound and music stage, but we have one more day of recording with Michael Shanks left to do and then all the audio will be in the can. It's just post-production work to go, and then approvals."

Friday, 21 October 2011

NEW Stargate SG1 Novel - Transitions Released by Fandemonium

SG1 #18  - STARGATE SG-1: Transitions
By Sabine C. Bauer

Available from the Official Stargate Novel's site!

• Print on demand publication
• Price: $10.95 $9.95 (order by 4 November 2011) after which the price goes up to $10.95.

ISBN: 978-1-905586-52-3
Series no: SG1-18
Pages: 336

• Printed: Order before 4 November 2011 and receive it by end of November 2011.
• Now available from our website: allow 2-3 weeks for delivery
• Also available as a Kindle title from Amazon US and UK.

The journey begins

After her mother’s death, Cassie Fraiser is moving on. So she thinks. But there are dangerous forces at work and she soon finds herself caught up in a situation far beyond her control. It’s a good thing Colonel Carter was keeping an eye on her.

But while Carter rallies SG-1 to Cassie’s aid, events on Atlantis are going from bad to worse. Facing a deadly plague and a computer virus that’s shutting down the city, it looks like Colonel Sheppard’s team will provide rich pickings for the incoming Wraith hive ship.

But sometimes events galaxies apart are connected in unexpected ways— and help comes from the most surprising of places. In this action-packed story, Sabine C. Bauer brings together the heroes of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis in the fight of their lives…


“I repeat, Colonel. What the hell happened?”


Oh damn, he knew that frown. She was about to techno-babble. Given the way his head felt, he probably wouldn’t survive that. “Twenty-five words or less, and no more than three syllables each, Carter!”

“Jack! Sam!” Daniel came climbing over the mounds of rubble, Teal’c in his wake. They looked a little singed around the edges, but otherwise seemed to be in full working order. “You guys okay?” gasped Daniel. “What the hell happened?”

“That’s what I’m trying to find out. Carter!”

“When the missile struck the car, the blast took out the gas pumps and set off whatever fuel was left in the underground tanks. Twenty-four words, sir.” She grinned. “There was a chance that some of the shrapnel might hit the chopper, but I hadn’t actually dared count on it. I guess there was a little more gas in those tanks than I’d thought…”

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

More Stargate eBooks Now Available from Amazon!

Stargate fans will be delighted to hear that even more of the Stargate novels are now available in ebook format.  This also gives more fans the chance to read the novels that sold out in print form, SGA Halcyon and SGA Exogenesis. 

Below is a list of the New Stargate e-books:
Stargate e-books available from Amazon (US, UK, France and Germany) now!
STARGATE SG-1: Trial by Fire
STARGATE SG-1: Sacrifice Moon
STARGATE SG-1: A Matter of Honor
STARGATE SG-1: City of the Gods
STARGATE SG-1: The Cost of Honor
STARGATE SG-1: Alliances
STARGATE SG-1: Roswell

All of the new e-books are priced $4.99 (or the equivalent in other currencies). Please note, previous Stargate e-book titles may still be priced slightly higher.

If you haven't read a Stargate novel before but you were a fan of any of the three Stargate series I would highly recommend you take the time to read the novels published by Fandemonium.  They are a great addition to the Stargate family and provide you with that new dose of Stargate that cannot be obtained on screen anymore.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Chevron 7.8 UK Stargate Convention - First Guests Announced!

Amanda Tapping (SG1's Samantha Carter) and Robin Dunne (Sanctuary's Will Zimmerman) are the first guests to be announced for the next Chevron Convention.
Welcome! Chevron 7.8 is Massive Event's latest 3-day event celebrating the hit television series "Stargate". This event will be held from Friday 24th - Sunday 26th of February 2012 at the Radisson Edwardian, Heathrow. This unofficial convention aims to bring together fans of the various "Stargate" series including "SG1", "Stargate: Atlantis" and the brand new "Stargate: Universe" from across the country to meet some of the show's stars and enjoy various events over the weekend. There will be activities each day from guest talks and photograph sessions to quizzes and late night parties

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Richard Dean Anderson posts video against fake RDA Facebook Profiles!

Stargate Star Richard Dean Anderson's Official website posted a video Richard has recorded, in which he names and shames the people behind creating fake Facebook profiles in RDA's name.
To see the video Click Here!

Hi. Richard Dean Anderson here.
It's way too early in the morning to be doing this, and in fact I kind of resent having to do it at all, but there are some people, a couple of couples, that are representing themselves on Facebook as me. They've got - there are are a couple of sites up - actually there are many, many sites up, apparently - that are invoking my name as being the responder. It's not happening. I don't have a Facebook account, let alone am I holding court on a site.
So please, I'd like people like Nancy Battaglia, Christine Pullinger, Christopher John Taylor, and Kate Taylor to please stop what you're doing. It's illegal and it's bad form. All right?
Have a good rest of the day.

Stargate SG1 Audio Drama Update - Big Finish - Michael Shanks

Big Finish's Paul Spragg on the latest Stargate SG1 audio dramas:
"Well, we have four stories fully recorded now and they're in post-production. Of course, even when finished they still have to go to MGM for approval, but I'll try to keep you guys updated on our progress. I want them out too!"

Michael Shanks reprises the voice of 'Daniel Jackson' in the new Stargate series form Big Finish, as does Claudia Black as Vala Mal Doran!

Previous Stargate Audio Dramas from Big Finish -

Series One Included 6 Dramas:
  1. Stargate SG-1: Gift of the Gods (Starring Michael Shanks and John Schwab)
  2. Stargate Atlantis: A Necessary Evil (Starring Torri Higginson and Timothy Watson)
  3. Stargate SG-1: Shell Game (Starring Claudia Black and Michael Shanks)
  4. Stargate Atlantis: Perchance to Dream (Starring Paul McGillion and Sarah Douglas)
  5. Stargate SG-1: Savarna (Starring Teryl Rothery and Toby Longworth)
  6. Stargate Atlantis: Zero Point (Starring David Nykl and Ursula Burton)
Series Two also Included 6 Dramas:
  1. Stargate SG-1: First Prime (Starring Christopher Judge and Noel Clarke)
  2. Stargate Atlantis: Impressions (Starring Kavan Smith and Nicholas Briggs)
  3. Stargate SG-1: Pathogen (Starring Teryl Rothery and Christopher Judge)
  4. Stargate Atlantis: The Kindness of Strangers (Starring Paul McGillion and Neil Roberts)
  5. Stargate SG-1: Lines of Communication (Starring Gary Jones and Beth Chalmers)
  6. Stargate Atlantis: Meltdown (Starring David Nykl and Aiden J David)

Chevron 7.7 New Guests Announced (UK Stargate Convention)

Two new guests have been announced to attend the Chevron 7.7 Stargate convention taking place on 4th - 6th November 2011 in Northampton (UK). 

Musetta Vander who played Shan-auc in SG1 and Vanessa Angel who played the Tok'ra Anise/Freya in SG1

They will be appearing alongside the previously announced Ben Browder and Christopher Judge!

Big Finish will also be attending the event, hopefully they will bring more details on the upcoming Staragte Audio dramas!

Click Here for the Official Site and don't forget 10th Planet Events allow you to order dedicated autographs if you are not lucky enough to be able to atttend over the weekend.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Joe Flanigan Attending UK Convention in October

Joe Flanigan of Stargate Atlanits fame will be attending The Entertainment Media Show, at Earls Court in London on 1st - 2nd October, 2011. 
Also attending, Sean Patrick Flannery who played Orlin (grown up version) opposite Amanda Tapping in Stargate SG1 episode 'Ascension'.

Pre-Order your dedicated autographs from Tenth Planet Events Ltd (brilliant service from these guys).

Monday, 22 August 2011

Stargate Universe Complete Season 1 & 2 Boxset - UK Release

The Complete Stargate Universe DVD boxset will be available from the 29th August 2011 in the UK (region 2).  It includes 10-discs that cover all the episodes from season 1 & 2!

Pre-Order on Amazon Now!


Amazon's DVD Description

A group of soldiers, scientists and civilians, fleeing an attack, are stranded billions of miles from Earth on an Ancient ship known as the Destiny. Locked on an unknown course, they must fight to survive and find a way home. The danger, adventure and hope they find on board the Destiny will reveal the heroes and villains among them. Starring Robert Carlyle, Ming-Na and Lou Diamond Phillips, as well as returning Stargate favourites.

Special Features:
  • Extended version of the series premiere episode "Air"
  • Commentary on every episode
  • Cast featurettes
  • Video diaries
  • Behind the scenes

Friday, 19 August 2011

Stargate Atlantis Blu Ray Coming to the UK!

UK fans are breathing a sigh of relief as a date has finally been announced for the release of the Complete Stargate Atlantis Blu Ray box set.  Put September 19th 2011 in your diaries!  You can pre-order through, currently at £119.99 (hopefully it will come down in price).

Now, for the first time on Blu-ray, you can own all five seasons of this ground-breaking science fiction series in this 20-disc set. Atlantis, built thousands of years ago by the highly evolved ancients, is home base for an elite expedition team from Earth. These courageous military commanders and scientists leap through the City’s stargate to explore the wondrous Pegasus galaxy and battle the treacherous Wraith, who seek control of Atlantis--at any cost.

Includes over 50 hours of special features including extended episodes, behind-the-scenes extras and commentaries with the cast and crew.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Stargate Atlantis Complete Series Blu-Ray!

MGM will be releasing the much- anticipated Stargate Atlantis complete series on blu-ray on the 26th July 2011 (US) 

The boxset is comprised of 20 discs, covering all 100 episodes and many special features.

RRP $199.99, Pre-Order from Amazon for $114.99

Monday, 20 June 2011

Stargate Alumni to attend London Comic Con 2011

A new guest has been announced for the London Film and Comic Con (LFCC), Stargate's Stunt Co-Ordinator James 'Bam Bam' Bamford.  He joins two other Stargate guests including, Robert Knepper who played Simone in SGU and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, who guest starred in an early episode of SG1, 'Emancipation'.

LFCC takes place at Earls Court 2 on the 8th - 10th July 2011. 

Don't forget that 10th Planet Events allow you to order a dedicated signed photo even if you can't attend.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Stargate Convention Chevron 7.7 1st Guests Announced!

  Ben Browder (Cam Mitchell, SG1) and Chris Judge (Teal'c, SG1) are the first two guests for the next Chevron Stargate convention, Chevron 7.7.  The news was announced at Chevron 7.6 that was recently held in Birmingham (UK).

Chevron 7.7 is Massive Event's latest 3-day event celebrating the hit television series "Stargate". This event will be held from Friday 4th - Sunday 6th of November 2011 at the Park Inn, Northampton, UK. This unofficial convention aims to bring together fans of the various "Stargate" series including "SG1", "Stargate: Atlantis" and the brand new "Stargate: Universe" from across the country to meet some of the show's stars and enjoy various events over the weekend..

For details on tickets Click Here
To pre-order you autographs visit Here

Monday, 9 May 2011

Last Episode of Stargate Universe Tonight in the US!

Sadly, tonight will be the final time that an episode of Stargate will air on US television screens.  The franchise has been producing episodes since 1997 and has created many hours of wonderful television, including 10 seasons of SG1, 2 SG1 movies, 5 seasons of Atlantis and 2 seasons of SGU.  Tonights Final SGU episode 'Gauntlet' airs at 9 pm (8pm Central) on the Syfy Channel in the US.

In Canada: “Gauntlet” airs this Tuesday at 10/9c on SPACE.
In Australia: “Gauntlet” airs Friday at 8:30 p.m. on SCI FI.
In the U.K.: A new episode of SGU airs tonight at 8 p.m. on Sky1. “Gauntlet” will air in June.

Lets get the ratings up for the Last Ever Episode of Stargate!!

Hopefully, the Stargate franchise will be re-booted in the not too distant future!   But until then I will be following the many great actors, actresses and crew of Stargate in their new endeavors!  Thank you to all involved in creating and supporting the franchise, it will be sadly missed.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Captain Starship - Paul McGillion/Michael Shanks/Ivon Bartok

Article taken from Michael Shanks Online:

Captain Starship news
The Cobblestone Creative blog/site has a new interview with Ivon Bartok, wherein Ivon discusses his latest project, Captain Starship, - a new comedy being co-produced with Paul McGillion, in which Michael makes a guest/cameo appearance.
Per the interview, the new project is...
"...a 1/2 comedy show that follows the life of "Paul Sullivan" an actor on what maybe described as a less than stellar Sci-Fi TV show.... but hey the man's gotta act.  It's really about his life outside the show, and how he deals with not only his, D-list fame, his group of Rag-Tag buddies, but the fact that his 11 year old nephew come to live with him after his mother decides that a "good life choice" would be to follow a metal band to India. Paul's tying to straighten up, but will all the forces in his life let him... I kinda hope not. "
Ivon mentions Michael's involvement with the venture a couple of times during the interview, including discussion of the relationship of this project to previous work with the Stargate franchise:
"I think people might think there is a connection to the work we have all done in the past, but it's not the case, which is why it was so much fun for all of us.  It simply was something new for all of us.  To have guys like Paul McGillion, and Michael Shanks jump on board to do a Comedy, and knock it out of the park, it was fantastic."
To read the full interview, go to the Cobblestone Creative site

Sunday, 17 April 2011

The fate of SGU/SG1/SGA has been decided! :(

Gateworld have released a post on their website with quotes from Stargate's Executive Producer, Brad Wright who recently took to the convention stage at Creations Vancouver Con. 

Sadly, it is bad news for Stargate Universe, SG1 and Atlantis.  Wright has confirmed that none of them will appear on our screens anytime in the near future.

After watching Stargate for 14 years this is very sad news and I would like to say a very big Thank You to those who have worked tirelessly on all 3 Stargate franchises.  Hopefully, the franchise will be revived in years to come but for now I will be watching re-runs, reading tie-in novels and frequenting the many communities that have come together, united by the joy that is and always will be .... STARGATE!

Click Here to see Gateworld's report!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Syfy Summer Lineup: SGU's Brian J. Smith - Red Faction: Origins

The Syfy channel have announced their summer lineup of shows, including an original Saturday night movie, 'Red Faction: Origins' starring SGU's Lt. Matthew Scott aka Brian J. Smith.  Here is the announcement:
Red Faction: Origins -- Saturday, June 4, at 9PM (ET/PT) -- Robert Patrick (Terminator 2), Brian J. Smith (Stargate Universe) and Kate Vernon (Battlestar Galactica) star in Red Faction: Origins, based on the hugely successful Red Faction video game franchise. Twenty-five years have passed since Alec Mason (Patrick) led the Martian Colonies to freedom and 12 years since vengeful enemies killed his wife, kidnapped his daughter Lyra (Tamzin Merchant), and left a broken hero in their wake. Jake Mason (Smith), Alec's only son and an officer in the Red Faction Militia, has his world turned inside out when he discovers that now, 12 years after her kidnapping, his sister is still alive. As a powerful new enemy swarms across the planet, Jake goes out to find her, only to learn that his lost sister is one of them -- a cold-blooded soldier sworn to destroy the Red Faction. Vernon portrays The Matriarch, leader of the tribal Marauders sect. Red Faction: Origins is produced by Universal Cable Productions and UFO Films.

Monday, 11 April 2011

PREVIEW: Stargate Universe Season 2 Episode 11 - Deliverance

Stargate Universe returns to Sky 1 tonight at 8pm in the UK with season two's episode 11, 'Deliverance'.

When we last saw Destiny and her crew they were overwhelmed by hostile alien drones.  Failing shields and nowhere to run left the fate of the ship unclear. 'Deliverance' picks up right where that cliffhanger left off with the pressure on Rush and Eli to concoct a plan.

Click Here to see the Sneek Peek Gallery!
Click Here to see a recap of Season 2 so far!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Stargate Universe Season 2 Trading Card Details Announced!

Rittenhouse Archives, the producers of Stargate trading cards have released more information regarding the SGU season 2 set.  Unlike previous Stargate sets this is titled as a 'Premium Pack Series'.
Product Configuration:
6 Cards Per Pack (2 Autograph, 2 Episode, 1 "Destiny" and 1 "Secrets" card)
15 Packs Per Box - Limited to only 250 Boxes!
There are many signers for the autograph cards, including all of the series' stars, some guest stars and most notably Richard Dean Anderson!

Richard Dean Anderson has previously signed (initialed) one card for Rittenhouse, numbered A1 from the Stargate Premiere Series (covered SG1 seasons 1-3).
Due to be released on 15th June 2011

Jason Momoa Confirms Conan 2

The new Conan the Barbarian movie, starring Jason Momoa of Stargate Atlantis fame, won't be hitting theaters until later this summer, but its star just revealed that there are ALREADY plans for a sequel.
While in the U.K. to promote HBO's epic fantasy series Game of Thrones (Momoa plays Kahl Drogo), the actor was asked if there were plans down the line for at least one sequel to the upcoming action-fantasy film, which opens Aug. 19.
Momoa's apparently eager response to the question was "Oh, yeah."
"There are sequels to everything. There's a Fast & Furious seven, isn't there? There's like four Pirates of the Caribbean."
Of course, whether the sequel actually gets made will depend largely on the film's box-office gross, as well as—in this day and age—on subsequent DVD and Blu-ray sales.

Momoa is also enthusiastic about how Conan the Barbarian's shaping up and thinks the fans will be really, really happy about what they'll be seeing in the new movie.
"I got to see a rough cut, and people are going to be stoked. We're not remaking anything Arnold did. It's a totally new story. The same legendary character. We're taking these tons and tons of great Robert E. Howard stories from the '30s and combining a couple and bringing it to audiences in a way that's new and fresh."

Article Courtesy of Blastr

Thursday, 31 March 2011

UK Airdate for last 10 eps of SGU season 2!!!

The wait is almost over for UK fans of Stargate Universe who have been eagerly awaiting its return to our screens.  Sky 1 has announced that the final 10 episodes of SGU will start airing on Monday 11th April at 8pmNew episodes will be shown every Monday night (previously shown on Tuesday nights) through to mid-June.

UK fans can also look forward to the entire season 2 being released on DVD and Blu-Ray on the 4th July!  (It seems as though the UK is the only country to have a release date for a Blu-Ray edition).

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Season 2 SGU Trading Cards!

Rittenhouse Archives have listed Stargate Universe Season 2 in their product release schedule.  The trading card set based on season 1 of the show contained base cards, autographed cards, costume cards and more.  The details for the second season set have yet to be released, but at least it hasnt been abandonned after Syfy has cancelled the series.

Release date: June 8th, 2011
Keep an eye out for more details!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

New Stargate SG1 ebay auctions from Legends Memorabilia!

The long-running Stargate prop dealers, Legends Memorabilia have announced that they will be listing weekly auctions of props and collectibles from their Stargate SG1 collection on ebay.

There is also a New Limited Edition Stargate SG-1 'Archives' Collectible Display that is limited to just 250! 

Click Here to see the ebay auctions!
Click Here to see the Legends Memorabilia Site!

New Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Novels from Fandemonium!

The publishers of the Stargate novels, Fandemonium have announced 2 further books, Stargate Atlantis: The Lost (2nd book from the Legacy series) and Stargate SG1: Sunrise. 

The books are available to order now! Alternatively, you will have the chance to download the ebook version of Stargate Atlantis: The Lost from the 14th March and Stargate SG1: Sunrise from the 28th March.  Fandemonium have joined forces with Crossroad press who will be transferring the novels into ebook format.

Click Here to see more info on the 2 NEW Novels!!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

From Stargate Atlantis to Conan - Jason Momoa Motion Poster

Stargate Atlantis' Ronon Dex played by Jason Momoa is now becoming known as the new Conan the Barbarian.  The 3D film is being released in cinemas in the UK on 19th August 2011.  A new motion poster has been released to promote the film.  The film also stars Rachel Nichols, Rose McGowan, Stephen Lang, Ron Perlman and directed by Marcus Nispel.  This is sure to be a treat for Ronon fans!

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Showmasters have just announced via their twitter account that TWO Stargate Universe stars will be attending their Collectormania 17 event in the UK.  David Blue (Eli Wallace) and Lou Diamond Phillips (Colonel Telford) will be at the star-studded convention which takes place in Milton Keynes from Friday 27th to Monday 30th May 2011.  Entry is even free! 

See the official COLLECTORMANIA 17 site for more details!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Syfy's Promo Video for SGU's Final 10 Episodes

Here is Joseph Mallozzi's (SGU Executive) response to a fan's question regarding the promo video above:

Oh, to those of you asking about the SyFy promo for the back half of season 2 – Yes, the promo does state “Every Destiny has an ending…” but, in all fairness, it should also add “…except in the case of Stargate: Universe because the final episode WILL end on a cliffhanger.”

Show your support for Stargate with these Avatars!

The Syfy channel decided not to order another season of Stargate Universe, but there is still hope that MGM will find a new home for the franchise.  Now is the time to show MGM that there are fans out there that want to see more Stargate. 

Here are some images that you are welcome to use wherever you see fit, be it on twitter, facebook or any forum.  Be seen to support Stargate!! 

Click on the image or Click Here for a larger view of each image!