Monday, 9 May 2011

Last Episode of Stargate Universe Tonight in the US!

Sadly, tonight will be the final time that an episode of Stargate will air on US television screens.  The franchise has been producing episodes since 1997 and has created many hours of wonderful television, including 10 seasons of SG1, 2 SG1 movies, 5 seasons of Atlantis and 2 seasons of SGU.  Tonights Final SGU episode 'Gauntlet' airs at 9 pm (8pm Central) on the Syfy Channel in the US.

In Canada: “Gauntlet” airs this Tuesday at 10/9c on SPACE.
In Australia: “Gauntlet” airs Friday at 8:30 p.m. on SCI FI.
In the U.K.: A new episode of SGU airs tonight at 8 p.m. on Sky1. “Gauntlet” will air in June.

Lets get the ratings up for the Last Ever Episode of Stargate!!

Hopefully, the Stargate franchise will be re-booted in the not too distant future!   But until then I will be following the many great actors, actresses and crew of Stargate in their new endeavors!  Thank you to all involved in creating and supporting the franchise, it will be sadly missed.


  1. I just hope any reboot doesnt push the reset button and respects the 14 years of continuity thats been built

  2. so sorry but that finale sucked - so are they going to do a special movie to give us the facts on eli and if he ever makes it or not - I mean give me a break - its bad enough when they moved the darn show to monday night to make room for the freakin wrestling crap - what actual sci fi programing do they have left -