Monday, 20 September 2010

Stargate Universe Trading Cards Coming November 2010

Rittenhouse Archives are releasing a trading card set based on the first season of Stargate Universe.  After the dissappointment that was Atlantis not having its own set, this is a welcome addition to previous Stargate releases.  The autographed cards are the main attraction, offering collectors the chance to get a hold of the main casts scribbles.  Due to be released on the 17th November 2010. 
See the Rittenhouse Archives website for more detail about the other cards in the set!

Stargate Novels Galore!!!

Miss seeing SG1 galavanting around the universe? Get your fix here! Fandemonium, the publishers of Stargate Novels have released two new paperbacks.  SG1 Novel #16 - Four Dragons and SG1 Novel #15 The Power Behind the Throne.
To order your copy or to read a full synopsis visit the Fandemonium site here.

SFX Magazine #200 - No Mention of Stargate Franchise!!!

As a huge Stargate fan I am biased towards the series but surely every sci-fi fan would agree that the Stargate franchise deserved more than this (see pic) small mention in the so called 'special' 200th edition of the SFX magazine.
The latest spin-off may have divided the fan base but surely a small homage to the previous 12 years was worth a mention! What does a franchise have to do to get a little recognition?

The Last Official Stargate Magazine :(

Sadly, Titan magazines have published the last ever Official Stargate magazine.  I don't think I want to read it just yet because that would mean THE END!

Includes interviews from Lou Diamond Phillips, Rachel Luttrell, Robert Picardo, Brad Wright, Peter DeLuise, John Lenic and John Scalzi!