Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Sanctuary for Kids ebay Auction Items! (Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne & Damian Kindler)

The Sanctuary for Kids charity (founded by Sanctuary/Stargate star Amanda Tapping, Sanctuary/Stargate writer Damian Kindler and Damian's partner Jill Bodie) has some new and exciting auctions on ebay, they include:

1. Skype Chat with Amanda Tapping and Damian Kindler-ebay item #260921241138
2. Skype Chat- Jonathon Young- eBay item #260921242060
3. Personalized Voicemail with Helen Magnus- eBay item #260921244104
4. Luncheon with Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne-eBay #260921243088
5. Framed Photo of Amanda Tapping- eBay item #260921244754
6. Framed Photo of Amanda Tapping- eBay item #260921245275
7. Framed Photo of Amanda Tapping- eBay item # 260921245752

Get to ebay and just type the item number in the search box!

See more information on the Sanctuary for Kids site here!

The framed photographs show Amanda in stunning form, taken by renowned Australian photographer Dennys Ilic when she was in Melbourne in October, 2011

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