Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Stargate SG1 Audio Drama Boxset News - (Michael Shanks & Claudia Black)

     Big Finish, the producers of the Stargate audio dramas, have released an update on the much-anticipated new Stargate SG1 release.  The upcoming Stargate SG1 dramas will include 6 stories that have been divided into two trilogy boxsets.
Voiced by Stargate SG1 stars, Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson and Claudia Black as Vala Mal Doran.  This is one way to keep the Stargate franchise alive!
"It's here! Yes, after far too long an absence, Stargate is returning to audio. The third series stars Michael Shanks and Claudia Black in a series of six stories which find them taking on some of SG-1's most dangerous foes, old and new. The stories are designed as two trilogies, taking place during the tenth season of Stargate SG-1, and will be released in two box sets.
The first, released in May, begins with a horrific incident at the SGC and leads Daniel Jackson (Shanks) and Vala Mal Doran (Black) into an encounter with the last remaining System Lord, Ba'al, played once again by the joyously evil Cliff Simon. There are twists and turns aplenty as our dedicated duo realise they may not be able to trust anyone - even themselves. The trilogy also sees the return of the brilliant John Schwab as Hunter, a character who appeared alongside Michael Shanks in Big Finish's very first Stargate audio, "Gift of the Gods".
The second trilogy, released in August, takes us deeper into the world of the alien Asgard. The discovery of a strange object by former 'associates' of Vala leads her and Daniel on a journey to stop a far-reaching plan that could mean the end of life as they know it. And yes, Michael Shanks is back playing Asgard favourite Thor!
The third series of Stargate is a full-cast drama for the first time, and is packed with the action, adventure and humour fans have come to know and love. If you love Stargate and have been missing it since Stargate Universe ended, you'll love this. If you've never tried the series out, this is a perfect time to get on board as we provide the biggest and most explosive run of stories to date!"
Taken from 'Vortex' Issue 35 available to read or download from Big Finish's Vortex Magazine Site!

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