Sunday, 25 September 2011

Richard Dean Anderson posts video against fake RDA Facebook Profiles!

Stargate Star Richard Dean Anderson's Official website posted a video Richard has recorded, in which he names and shames the people behind creating fake Facebook profiles in RDA's name.
To see the video Click Here!

Hi. Richard Dean Anderson here.
It's way too early in the morning to be doing this, and in fact I kind of resent having to do it at all, but there are some people, a couple of couples, that are representing themselves on Facebook as me. They've got - there are are a couple of sites up - actually there are many, many sites up, apparently - that are invoking my name as being the responder. It's not happening. I don't have a Facebook account, let alone am I holding court on a site.
So please, I'd like people like Nancy Battaglia, Christine Pullinger, Christopher John Taylor, and Kate Taylor to please stop what you're doing. It's illegal and it's bad form. All right?
Have a good rest of the day.

Stargate SG1 Audio Drama Update - Big Finish - Michael Shanks

Big Finish's Paul Spragg on the latest Stargate SG1 audio dramas:
"Well, we have four stories fully recorded now and they're in post-production. Of course, even when finished they still have to go to MGM for approval, but I'll try to keep you guys updated on our progress. I want them out too!"

Michael Shanks reprises the voice of 'Daniel Jackson' in the new Stargate series form Big Finish, as does Claudia Black as Vala Mal Doran!

Previous Stargate Audio Dramas from Big Finish -

Series One Included 6 Dramas:
  1. Stargate SG-1: Gift of the Gods (Starring Michael Shanks and John Schwab)
  2. Stargate Atlantis: A Necessary Evil (Starring Torri Higginson and Timothy Watson)
  3. Stargate SG-1: Shell Game (Starring Claudia Black and Michael Shanks)
  4. Stargate Atlantis: Perchance to Dream (Starring Paul McGillion and Sarah Douglas)
  5. Stargate SG-1: Savarna (Starring Teryl Rothery and Toby Longworth)
  6. Stargate Atlantis: Zero Point (Starring David Nykl and Ursula Burton)
Series Two also Included 6 Dramas:
  1. Stargate SG-1: First Prime (Starring Christopher Judge and Noel Clarke)
  2. Stargate Atlantis: Impressions (Starring Kavan Smith and Nicholas Briggs)
  3. Stargate SG-1: Pathogen (Starring Teryl Rothery and Christopher Judge)
  4. Stargate Atlantis: The Kindness of Strangers (Starring Paul McGillion and Neil Roberts)
  5. Stargate SG-1: Lines of Communication (Starring Gary Jones and Beth Chalmers)
  6. Stargate Atlantis: Meltdown (Starring David Nykl and Aiden J David)

Chevron 7.7 New Guests Announced (UK Stargate Convention)

Two new guests have been announced to attend the Chevron 7.7 Stargate convention taking place on 4th - 6th November 2011 in Northampton (UK). 

Musetta Vander who played Shan-auc in SG1 and Vanessa Angel who played the Tok'ra Anise/Freya in SG1

They will be appearing alongside the previously announced Ben Browder and Christopher Judge!

Big Finish will also be attending the event, hopefully they will bring more details on the upcoming Staragte Audio dramas!

Click Here for the Official Site and don't forget 10th Planet Events allow you to order dedicated autographs if you are not lucky enough to be able to atttend over the weekend.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Joe Flanigan Attending UK Convention in October

Joe Flanigan of Stargate Atlanits fame will be attending The Entertainment Media Show, at Earls Court in London on 1st - 2nd October, 2011. 
Also attending, Sean Patrick Flannery who played Orlin (grown up version) opposite Amanda Tapping in Stargate SG1 episode 'Ascension'.

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