Thursday, 12 January 2012

Stargate Poll Results are in! #SG1 #SGA #SGU

The Stargate polls have been going for a while now at the side of my blog, now it is time for the final round of voting.

Here are the winners of the previous polls:

Sexiest Stargate SG1 Male Character - Jack O'Neill
Sexiest Stargate Atlantis Male Character - John Sheppard
Sexiest Stargate Universe Male Character - Lt. Matthew Scott

Sexiest Stargate SG1 Female Character - Sam Carter
Sexiest Stargate Atlantis Female Character - Teyla Emmagen
Sexiest Stargate Universe Female Character - Lt. Tamara 'TJ' Johansen

Favourite Stargate SG1 Villain - Goa'uld
Favourite Stargate Atlantis Villain - Wraith
Favourite Stargate Universe Villain - Space Aliens (blue)

There will now be a final vote to see who is the ultimate winner of each catergory is.
See the right side of this for the polls to vote in!

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