Thursday, 21 April 2011

Captain Starship - Paul McGillion/Michael Shanks/Ivon Bartok

Article taken from Michael Shanks Online:

Captain Starship news
The Cobblestone Creative blog/site has a new interview with Ivon Bartok, wherein Ivon discusses his latest project, Captain Starship, - a new comedy being co-produced with Paul McGillion, in which Michael makes a guest/cameo appearance.
Per the interview, the new project is...
"...a 1/2 comedy show that follows the life of "Paul Sullivan" an actor on what maybe described as a less than stellar Sci-Fi TV show.... but hey the man's gotta act.  It's really about his life outside the show, and how he deals with not only his, D-list fame, his group of Rag-Tag buddies, but the fact that his 11 year old nephew come to live with him after his mother decides that a "good life choice" would be to follow a metal band to India. Paul's tying to straighten up, but will all the forces in his life let him... I kinda hope not. "
Ivon mentions Michael's involvement with the venture a couple of times during the interview, including discussion of the relationship of this project to previous work with the Stargate franchise:
"I think people might think there is a connection to the work we have all done in the past, but it's not the case, which is why it was so much fun for all of us.  It simply was something new for all of us.  To have guys like Paul McGillion, and Michael Shanks jump on board to do a Comedy, and knock it out of the park, it was fantastic."
To read the full interview, go to the Cobblestone Creative site

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