Tuesday, 18 October 2011

More Stargate eBooks Now Available from Amazon!

Stargate fans will be delighted to hear that even more of the Stargate novels are now available in ebook format.  This also gives more fans the chance to read the novels that sold out in print form, SGA Halcyon and SGA Exogenesis. 

Below is a list of the New Stargate e-books:
Stargate e-books available from Amazon (US, UK, France and Germany) now!
STARGATE SG-1: Trial by Fire
STARGATE SG-1: Sacrifice Moon
STARGATE SG-1: A Matter of Honor
STARGATE SG-1: City of the Gods
STARGATE SG-1: The Cost of Honor
STARGATE SG-1: Alliances
STARGATE SG-1: Roswell

All of the new e-books are priced $4.99 (or the equivalent in other currencies). Please note, previous Stargate e-book titles may still be priced slightly higher.

If you haven't read a Stargate novel before but you were a fan of any of the three Stargate series I would highly recommend you take the time to read the novels published by Fandemonium.  They are a great addition to the Stargate family and provide you with that new dose of Stargate that cannot be obtained on screen anymore.

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