Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Latest projects from Stargate's Amanda Tapping & Michael Shanks

Stargate Star's Amanda Tapping & Michael Shanks have been busy recently, here is what they're upto.

Amanda Tapping is currently filming the comedy Random Acts of Romance in Vancouver.  In which, she has a starring role playing Dianne a teacher who is helping former student/lover Zak Santiago

Zak Santiago portrayed Rogelio Duran in Stargate SG1 episode 'Evolution' as well as playing Corporal Rivers on Stargate Universe.
Other familar actors/actress' invloved with the film include, Katherine Isabelle (Valencia in SG1‘s 'Camelot'), Robert Moloney (Atlantis‘s Koracen and SG1‘s Borren), Laura Bertram (Andromeda), Ted Whitall, and Sonja Bennett (Dahlia Radim on Stargate Atlantis).

Michael Shanks is starring in a new TV series, Saving Hope.  In which he plays surgeon Charlie Harris.  He becomes a coma patient in his own hospital following a car accident, only to roam the halls as a disembodied spirit.  The series also stars Erica Durance, who previously starred in Smallville and appeared in Stargate SG1.

Canada's CTV network has picked the show up for a 13 episode, series 1 run.
NBC is reportedly thinking of picking up the show in the U.S.

Click Here to see the dramatic trailer in HD!

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