Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Creation's Vancouver Stargate Convention UPDATE!

Creation entertainment have announced further guests/events for their Vancouver Stargate Convention!

A special new event set for Sunday morning: it is a continental breakfast with a silent charity auction honoring the 5th Anniversary of David Hewlett's film A DOG'S BREAKFAST. In attendance for all fans there to meet will be DAVID HEWLETT, CHRIS JUDGE, PAUL MCGILLION, KATE HEWLETT AND JANE LOUGHLIN (David's wife)!

Guests announced so far:
  • Lou Diamond Phillips - Col. Telford
  • Jewel Staite - Dr. Jennifer Keller
  • Joe Flanigan - Col. John Sheppard
  • Christopher Judge - Teal'c
  • David Hewlett - Dr. Rodney McKay
  • Paul McGillion - Carson Beckett
  • Kavan Smith - Major Evan Lorne
  • Ryan Robbins - Genii Ladon Radim
  • Robert Picardo- Richard Woolsey
  • Sarah Strange - Morgan Le Fay/ Ganos Lal
  • Barclay Hope - Col. Lionel Pendergast
  • Chuck Campbell - SGA Technician Chuck
  • Steve Bacic - Camulus/ Major Coburn
  • Suanne Braun - Hathor
  • Andee Frizzell - Wraith Queen - JUST ANNOUNCED!
  • Julia Benson - 2nd Lt. Vanessa James - JUST ANNOUNCED!
  • Kate Hewlett - Jeannie Miller aka McKay's sister- JUST ANNOUNCED!
  • Brent Stait - Maj. Louis Ferretti/Michael Kenmore - JUST ANNOUNCED!
  • Mike Dopod - Varro/ Odai Ventrell/ Col. Chernovshev  - JUST ANNOUNCED!

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