Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Latest update on the fate of Stargate - 30.01.2011

Joseph Mallozzi's blog remains the source for news on any developments with the fate of Stargate Universe.  Here is the latest news that he blogged on the 30th Jan:
"Speaking of buzz – I exchanged emails with Brad today and he reports another major hurdle has been cleared.  Almost there, Stargate fans.  Again, this is show business, so even the most promising of scenarios can go sideways fast (and dead-end scenarios turn around just as quickly).  Nothing is written in stone but things are looking MUCH better now than they did last week when things looked much better than they did the week before.  Meetings are still ongoing and I, like most of you, am really beginning to feel antsy.  Hopefully, by the time we head back into the office for the Day 1 Mix of Blockade, we’ll have something more substantial to discuss. :)"
It seems as though Brad Wright has yet to give up on the franchise and is still fighting for the chance to give Stargate Universe an ending.  Whether it be in the form of another season or a Direct-to-DVD film we will have to see. 

Now is the time to show MGM that you support the franchise by buying the DVD's, Blu-Ray's and legal downloads!

Click Here to see Joseph Mallozzi's full blog entry.

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